The Real Estate 2018


What is ADI?

The Association of Real Estate Developers (Asociación de Desarrolladores Inmobiliarios, ADI),
the sector’s leading industrial association, was founded 25 years ago with the goal of organizing
the real estate sector and developing safe, sustainable and inclusive
projects that would benefit society in general.

The association’s members are specialized in sectors such as mixed-use developments,
shopping malls, offices, residential housing, hotels, industrial parks,
touristic developments and hospitals.

The ADI has a permanent commitment to transparency and legality and its partners are governed
by a strict code of ethics that meets the highest domestic and international standards.
Promotion of legal and orderly development, environmental protection, community outreach,
social responsibility and the pursuit of excellence are the pillars of the ADI Code.
ADI’s members include 80 companies, all of them industry
leaders in Mexico, 12 of which belong to the Western Chapter.